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About the Series

Behind the scenes of Ancient Explorers


About the Series

This series is for KIDS, PARENTS, and FAMILIES


KIDS need adventure. Kids need to read well-written books with moral lessons that help them grow. Kids need heroes to admire. Kids need to know that they can make mistakes, but that there is a right and a wrong. Kids need to learn about history and explore their faith.

PARENTS want their kids to love reading and learning. Parents want to be assured that their kids are reading character-building, age appropriate material. Parents want their kids to grow in love and truth.

FAMILIES should read together and laugh together and grow together. Families should spend quality time together growing in virtue. Families should love one another unconditionally and strive to change the world together.

C.P. Denney


Just a regular guy that was Inspired to write this book series to give kids and parents the opportunity to grow together through reading and learning. 

Blessed with a beautiful wife, four awesome kids and the grace and truth that comes from Jesus Christ. 

Would love to hear directly from you:


caleb cook


An aspiring illustrator and storyteller studying animation at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

Caleb loves the arts of animation and film, and pursuing to use his passions to point others to the great news of Jesus.

Come say hi and check Caleb out on Instagram!  @calebc_art

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